Sloe Gin Jam - Alcoholic jam
Sloe Gin Jam with pancakes - alcoholic jams

Sloe Gin Jam 200g - 61% Sloe Gin - 12.6% ABV

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Sloe Gin Jam 200g 12.6% ABV

For all of you gin lovers out there, we have now added a second gin jam to our range and Boy O Boy is this one tasty. Sloe gin jam may be Sloe by name but it certainly isn’t slow in getting your taste buds tingling. This spread has the very distinctive ruby red colour which derives from the Sloes (which are a small fruit relative to the plum family) being soaked in gin for up to 3 months. The taste is so delicious by itself we didn’t feel the need to add anything else to it. Pure natural Sloe gin ready for eating – not drinking!

  • Enjoy it on toast for breakfast. It's never too early for gin o'clock!
  • Delicious with scones and cakes; 
  • Gorgeous with cheeses;
  • Great with pancakes;
  • In your Bacon sandwich;
  • Let your imagination lead you to experiment with different foods... you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Sloe Gin (61%), sugar and pectin.

Suitable for vegans

Allergen advice: Made in a kitchen that handles all allergens. 

ADULT ONLY: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

JAM - Joyful And Mellow

Sloe Gin Jam with pancakes - alcoholic jams
Sloe Gin Jam with Biscuits
Sloe Gin Jam with toast
Gin Jam - spreadable gin
Sloe gin jam with cheese. Gin jam with crackers.
Spreadable gin jam and scone