Port and Cranberry Jam
Alcoholic Cranberry Sauce - sparkling cranberry sauce

Port & Cranberry Sauce w/ Edible Gold 200g

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Port and cranberry sauce with orange liqueur and edible gold - 200g

This is our new creation. It’s a limited edition and when it’s gone it’s gone! It’s totally unique and tastes just like Christmas with a generous amount of Port wine and Orange Liqueur. This sauce will make your Christmas lunch even more enjoyable. The edible gold was added to this scrumptious sauce to make it festive and sparkling; after all it’s Christmas 🎄 so let’s sparkle away!

      Ingredients: Port wine (28%) (contains sulphates), Orange Liqueur (5%) cranberries (26%), edible gold, sugar and pectin

      Allergen advice: Made in a kitchen that handles all allergens.

      ADULT ONLY: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

      Alcoholic Cranberry Sauce - sparkling cranberry sauce
      Sparkling Cranberry Sauce with Port wine and orange liqueur
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