Popular Gift Bag of Two (2 x 200g)

Popular Gift Bag of Two (2 x 200g)

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Gift bag of 2 alcoholic spreads of your choice 2x 200g

Fruit jams combined with alcohol is nothing new, but how many times have you tasted them and been disappointed afterwards as you can’t taste the alcohol? The jams themselves are usually very tasty but where is that extra zing you were expecting from the added alcohol?

I’ll tell you where it is. It’s in the atmosphere. So little has been added in the first place that it has nearly all burned off during the cooking process. However, as it was added in the first place the label can state that it is an alcoholic fruit jam.

At Joyful and Mellow we go that extra step and add a very generous quantity of alcohol so even after the process is complete, the alcohol can still be tasted. The combinations of fruit and alcohol have been carefully chosen so the flavours of one another complement each other perfectly.

We pride ourselves on quality and strive to deliver exactly that. What is written on the label is what you will be able to taste. After tasting our own version of fruit jams with alcohol we can assure you that you won’t get that disappointed feeling any longer.

ADULT ONLY: Not suitable for children or pregnant women

For ingredients and nutritional value please check individual listings of the alcoholic spread of your choice.