Mojito Jam - cocktail jams
Mojito jam and brie - Cocktail Jam

Mojito Cocktail Spread 100g - 17% Rum - 6.7% ABV

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Mojito Cocktail Spread (100g ~ 3.5oz ~ 0.2lb) 6.7% ABV

This refreshing spread packs in a lot of flavour into each single jar! Made using freshly-squeezed lime juice and white rum, it is nicely tart with a hint of mint and a generous punch of rum.

  • Enjoy it on toast for breakfast to keep your wits about you!
  • Delicious with scones and cakes;
  • Great with fried chicken, salads, burgers, grilled sandwiches, nachos and tacos;

Mojito JAM Alcoholic Spread is just the right kind of spark to ignite your tastebuds.

Freshly squeezed lime juice (30.1%), Rum (17%), mint liqueur (1.8%) sugar and pectin.

Suitable for vegans

Allergen advice: Made in a kitchen that handles all allergens.

ADULTS ONLY: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

J.A.M - Joyful And Mellow

Mojito jam and brie - Cocktail Jam
Mojito jam and Satay - cocktail jam
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