Merlot jam - alcoholic jam
Merlot Jam with crampets

Merlot Wine Alcoholic Spread 200g - 61% Merlot - 6% ABV

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Merlot Wine Alcoholic Spread - 200g - 6% ABV

Our Merlot Alcoholic Spread is pure lush! Strong and deep, the sweet ‘n’ tart tang will set your taste buds tingling. It will be an addition to your shopping you won’t forget. It is versatile in the way you can experience total taste bud ecstasy! 

  • Delightful with cakes - particularly red velvet cake;
  • Simply served with mature or blue cheeses, Emmental or Feta;
  • It is a match made in heaven when had with red meats;
  • Use it in sauces or even as the sauce itself!
  • Merlot jam and venison (or any other game) is absolutely marvellous;
  • Served simply with crackers, scones or croissants is enough to make you go ‘Mmm’ with joy;

Merlot wine (61%) (Contains sulphates), sugar and pectin.

Allergen advice: See ingredients in bold. Made in a kitchen that handles all allergens.

ADULT ONLY: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

J.A.M - Joyful And Mellow

Merlot Jam with crampets
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