Bourbon Jam - Alcoholic Jam
Jack Daniel's jam with canapes

Jack-in-a-Jar Alcoholic Spread 200g - 60.8% Bourbon -15.5% ABV

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Jack in a Jar Alcoholic Spread 200g - 60.8% Bourbon -15.5% ABV

Our Jack in a Jar Alcoholic Spread is made with the one and only, but unfortunately we can't say its name due to registered trademarks.

The Jack in a Jar alcoholic spread is one of our most popular top-shelf spreads. The first sensation you get is when you open this little jar of delight, a pleasantly overwhelming aroma of The One. It's there in all its glory.

For all 'The One' lovers: at the very first try it'll leave you speechless. We made sure that the unmistakably powerful flavour was perfectly captured, to the point it's almost like drinking it out of a whiskey glass.

It leaves a warm lingering taste in your mouth. Not too sweet, slightly oaky and with a very subtle hint of vanilla.

Spreadable Bourbon! What more could you want?

  • You can enjoy it on toast for breakfast;
  • Just slathering it on a slice of chocolate cake is out of this world amazing - it goes extremely well with chocolate;
  • A dollop on top of your steak will send you up the clouds;
  • Together with blue cheese, the strong flavours balance each other out (you're in for a real treat!);
  • It goes unusually well with sushi! But - we kid you not - you will fall in love about this combo;
  • Great with smoked salmon! Our jam compliments it exceptionally well;

Take a step into the unknown, you just might love it!

Bourbon (60.8%), vanilla, sugar and pectin.

Suitable for vegans

Allergen advice: Made in a kitchen that handles all allergens.

ADULT ONLY: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.



Jack Daniel's jam with canapes
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Jack-in-a-Jar Alcoholic Spread 200g - 60.8% Bourbon -15.5% ABV
Jack Daniel's jam with waffle