Lemon and Gin Jam with Tarts
Gin Jam with bagel

Lemon & Gin Jam 100g - 18% Gin - 6.9% ABV

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Lemon & Gin Jam 100g - 6.9% ABV

A tantalizing mix of freshly squeezed lemon juice and gin. It has a light and refreshing flavour that will leave a lovely feel in the mouth. A heady pleasure to all the senses. Close your eyes and savour our Lemon & Gin Jam with a spoon. This is a true top-shelf spread.

  • Enjoy it on toast for breakfast. It's never too early for gin o'clock!
  • Delicious with scones and cakes;
  • Add to chicken wings and get a standing ovation from your taste buds;
  • Great with pancakes;
  • Let your imagination lead you to experiment with different foods... you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Freshly squeezed lemon (28%), fresh lemon peel (7%), gin (18%), sugar and pectin.

Suitable for vegans

Allergen advice: Made in a kitchen that handles all allergens.

ADULT ONLY: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.



J.A.M - Joyful And Mellow

Gin Jam with bagel
Lemon & Gin Jam 100g - 18% Gin - 6.9% ABV
Alcoholic Gin Jam
Gin Jam with pancakes.
Spreadable gin on toast.
Gin Jam - spreadable gin